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The EAT Foundation offers a variety of Continuing Education (CE) Classes which combine hand-on Workshops, Seminars, and Tours in the field of Agriculture.  Our courses are offered in 1, 2 & 3 day Sessions and take place at various locations and times of the year. 

NOTE: Please be sure to check out class dates and times before you Register Online.

Current Classes Available

Ag Tour and Seminar 2016

Our most popular class, The Ag Tour and Seminar, is a 3-day, 2 CE units workshop where agriculture and the classroom collide.  The workshops include tours of local farms, dairies, and packing houses, as wells as active participation in local farming and gardening techniques.  We also have several local and statewide guest speakers attend to discuss the importance of education, nutrition, and agriculture.  Overall, this is a great networking opportunity for teachers statewide!


IMG_0570achallengerAvailable Class Sessions:

SESSIONS  FILL UP FAST!  Register today to ensure your spot!

Session #1  ~  June 13-16, 2016

Session #2  ~  July 11-14, 2016

All classes begin Monday evening @ 5pm.  They are completed Thursday afternoon @ 2pm.

Harvest Classes 2016

The Harvest Classes are 2-day, interactive courses in the beautiful town of Hanford, CA.  These are continuation courses from the 3-day Summer Sessions which include behind-the-scenes processing and touring of seasonal crop harvests (when available). 

Available Class Sessions:

  • Session 1 - Summer Harvest, TBD ( third or last week of July hopefully), 2016
  • Session 2 - TBD Fall 2016 (usually late Sept or early Oct) Friday/Saturday

Please sign up via email on the home page.  You must have taken the Ag Tour & Seminar before you can attend this workshop.

It's All About Water 2016

It's All About Water is a 2-day course that encourages educator's to grow their awareness about conservation of water, current and future resources of water in the State of California, and increase knowledge and water history and law within the state.  In addition, there is a state-of-the-art tour of a local reserve dam (as depicted below).  This is also an extension of the Ag Tour and Seminar, generally reserved for educator's who have participated in the Ag Tour and Seminar first.

IMG_0674aAvailable Class Sessions:

  • Session 1 -  TBD July 2016

If you are coming from out of town, contact me about lodging options for the workshop.  We have special rates with some of the local hotels.        

Career workshop 2016

The Careers workshop at the World Ag Expo is a daylong adventure into the world of agribusiness at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA.  The day includes a guided-tour of all the career opportunities present in the Expo, providing information about careers, scholarships, and background regarding the agriculture industry in California.  

Workshop Session:

  • Session 1 -  Feb. 10, 2016
  • Additional session available

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