Teacher Info

Our summer sessions are locally based with statewide involvement. We are volunteer based, working together with our sponsors and donors to educate teachers, both locally and statewide, about agriculture and it’s direct and indirect impact in their lives, as well as the lives of their

Experience an on the farm adventure you will never forget! Get dirty, sweaty, and explore everyday activities on farms and dairies. You will meet with consultants to analyze data used to make the farm decisions. It will be a hands on experience for three days and nights. Explore the educational requirements needed to operate a highly technical agricultural operation.

New Addition!
Learning to construct your own garden:
* Soil Amendments * Fertility * Bed Construction *

Sample Agenda

Monday Night

  • Hosted dinner and meeting other educators attending


  • Hosted continental breakfast
  • Tour of a modern and technical dairy – see calves being born, cows being fed and milked.
  • Tour of dairy processing plant
  • Hosted lunch
  • Speakers on ag topics with audience participation
  • Create a pest


  • Host continental breakfast
  • Flying demonstration of 1000 horsepower airplane crop duster
  • Actual driving of farm tractors by you
  • You will catch insects to be identified by you and local entomologist, integrated pest management
  • You will experience the actual art of irrigation – be ready to get wet and muddy.
  • Learn how to create a garden
  • Hands on workshop to strengthen your classroom instruction through gardening
  • See how soil testing, insects, composting raised beds and planting techniques can ensure success of your garden
  • Hosted lunch with great speakers to follow
  • Adventurous outing with food and time to interact with other teachers


  • Hosted breakfast
  • Learn about exciting career opportunities for students in all areas of agriculture
  • Receive free binder full of lesson plans – $ 300.00 value
  • College credits available
  • Round table of farmers and dairymen
  • Crop talk from A-Z